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A message from Christian Aid

27 February 2019 No Comment

From Simon Snell, Christian Aid Coordinator for Suffolk

We are looking for a local person who can coordinate a visit to the HSBC branch in Sudbury during Lent, and churches who will sign and present a petition and letter.


During Lent, Christian Aid is calling on churches, groups, schools who want to do something practical to combat climate change, which damages the poorest hardest, are being encouraged to “Rise Up” and visit every branch of HSBC in the UK. Could you visit HSBC in Sudbury and present a petition and letter to the CEO as part of this campaign to get them to stop investing in fossil fuels, especially new coal-fired power stations?

Christian Aid supporters have been lobbying the major banks to disinvest from new coal fired power stations, which contributes to carbon emissions.

In Suffolk, local Christian Aid Coordinator Simon Snell is meeting supporters at 9 HSBC branches by bike or train but sadly he can’t manage to get to Sudbury!

Let Simon know if you could coordinate this locally by emailing ssnell@christian-aid.org.

To read more about this and get resources go to:

More on this is on Facebook:-

To order “Count your blessings” a Lent resource to challenge and stimulate prayer and generosity:-

Find out more about why we are doing this visit:-

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