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24-7 Prayer – Sudbury

4 June 2014 No Comment

24-7 Prayer – Sudbury 

From Andrew Stewart-Darling, Senior Pastor, Stour Valley Vineyard Church.

You might have heard of a worldwide movement called 24-7 Prayer. It was started by Pete Greig, author of Red Moon Rising. As a church we have felt ‘inspired’ to join in with this amazing movement. We have heard extraordinary stories of lives and situations being miraculously changed as a result of this kind of interactive prayer.   


To that end, Stour Valley Vineyard has decided, rather excitedly, to organise a week of around-the-clock prayer from Sunday 22 to Sunday 28 June. We would like to invite our fellow churches and friends to share in the experience with us. This week is also an opportunity for the wider community to get involved, including those who would not usual do anything ‘churchy’ or maybe not been to church for a while. It is a golden time for us to be alone with God and be creative in how we communicate with him, whether it is through words, music, crafts or art. 


Will you please consider whether this something that might appeal to you or your church? Also, if willing, can you help us get the word out? I have attached an A4 display poster for your church and for any local community boards near you.  Meanwhile, please feel free to visit our website to know more and get inspired!  More information will follow shortly, along with a link for the online sign-up sheet, so you can book your hour(s) in the 24-7 Prayer Room.  

See stourvalleyvineyard.org/24-7-prayer for more of the background to it. The  24-7 Prayer Room will be at Vineyard’s offices, The Christopher Centre, 10 Gainsborough Street, Sudbury – Map.

Meanwhile, I really recommend reading Red Moon Rising by Pete Greig, if you have the chance.


Much warmth,

Andrew Stewart-Darling

Senior Pastor, Stour Valley Vineyard Church

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