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100th Anniversary Celebration

27 January 2016 No Comment

100th Anniversary Celebration

My name is Brendan Wren. I write to you as a representative of Living Waters Fellowship in Gregory Street, Sudbury.

I’m not sure if you’re personally aware, but as a Church, Living Waters Fellowship has been representing the Apostolic Church in Sudbury for 50 years. On top of this, as a Denomination, the Apostolic Church UK is celebrating its Centennial anniversary. In acknowledgement of this momentous milestone, the Apostolic Church UK has had a baton created which is being passed around all the Apostolic Churches in the UK. This baton will be received at our Church on the 3rd of February at approximately 6:30pm. It is coming to us from a Church in Romford, with a small detour via Denmark before reaching us. We will then be passing the baton onto Luton Apostolic Church on Friday the 5th February. By the end of its journey in mid June, it would have travelled over 3000 miles in the UK.

We will be holding a celebration event at Living Waters Fellowship on Wednesday the 3rd of February. Starting with some praise and worship, followed by a brief history of our denomination and church, along with a time of Q and A and some refreshments. We will have representatives of many local churches in a show of support from the community, as well as representatives from the office of the Mayor of Sudbury. We would be honoured to have the presence of yourself and members of your congregation in celebration of our 100th birthday as a denomination.

We hope you are able to attend this event, and join us in our 100 years celebration.


For more information on this event, please visit www.ac-100.org or www.apostolic-church.org

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