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[2 Apr 2020 | Comments Off on Light Relief | ]

See this page of light relief from the Association for Promoting Retreats Something to make you smile – The Association for Promoting Retreats .

Thanks to Cheryl Collins for the link.

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[24 Mar 2020 | Comments Off on Prayer Network | ]

We are hoping to set up a prayer network to circulate requests, resources and good news stories during the time of the corona virus outbreak.  If you would like to be part of this group, please email Ruth Ridge on: .

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[24 Mar 2020 | Comments Off on Taizé prayer service | ]

From Clare Lodge

The brothers at Taizé are live streaming a prayer service every evening at 7.30 on Facebook

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[24 Mar 2020 | Comments Off on From Nicki Dixon | ]

Hi, I am a schools worker with Future Vision Christian charity in Sudbury and we go into schools… Now schools are closing I’m offering simple and creative activities based on Bible stories which I can email/post along with some craft bits and bobs.

I’m also offering Bible storytelling for children via Facetime so do email me if I can help with younger family members.

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[24 Mar 2020 | Comments Off on Message from Jeff and Kay Lucas | ]

From Peter Halden

I recently wrote to Jeff & Kay Lucas, who have come to Sudbury on a number of occasions, following seeing this post by Jeff on Facebook –

“Breaking news: Recently discovered research from the virus threat – a symptom (positive) is that one discovers what on earth really matters.”

I thought you might like to see their response:

Thank you for thinking of us.

We are in the UK, we just got back a week ago (from Colorado) probably for an extended more