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31 January 2013 No Comment

Fellowship Football

Thank you for supporting us in prayer
Hi.Here is our first prayer update! We plan to send these to our prayer supporters every 6 weeks or so.

We hope that you will enjoy keeping upto date with all the latest Fellowship Football news.

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Paul Tamsett

Soul Cafe. On Monday 4th February, there are no matches scheduled. Instead, all the players are invited to an event which we call the Soul Cafe. We hold four of these a year. The idea behind them is to encourage the players to socialise and get to know each other a little better. It helps the players relate to each other better on the pitch. During the evening we hold a multimedia sports quiz and provide food.The players are playing in a Christian league and we do not have referees. Instead Jesus teaching is held as our highest authority.

Most of the fellas that take part are not actually Christians, and so part of the evening is given over to explaining how the principles taught by Jesus affect the way in which we play Fellowship Football.

Give thanks: We are so thankful that the league has expanded in the way that it has. Initially, in 2005 there were around a dozen of us – all church goers. We met for a kick about once a week. As the years have gone by, more and more players have joined us, There are now over 100 fellas regularly taking part. And we are still growing!
Please think of Pete Messenger. Pete does a terrific job organising the Monks Hadleigh team. He is also a full time carer for his son Ally who has severe mental disabilities. Caring for him is a very demanding job and Pete’s only night off is on Monday when he runs the football team. Quite simply, Pete could do with some help organising the team and having the odd break. Please keep in him in your prayers and pray that God would sustain him and call the right person to assist him.
Your sincere prayers are greatly valued. We play on the all weather surface at Great Cornard Upper School. Our matches run from 8-9pm and 9-10pm on Monday evenings You are very welcome to come and support the teams.If you would like to pray from home whilst we play, you can click on the link to the left and view our fixture list to see who is playing who this week.

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